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 In 2009, when his father hired a local architect for his house, the architect shaped there thoughts into reality. He realized the power and potential of designs to convert empty spaces into significant volumes where the family will spend the rest of their lives. This thought became a reason for his ambition to become an architect. He completed his degree from  University School of Architecture and Planning in Delhi. 

After that he went to AA Summer School in Shanghai. He had the opportunity to develop a city-level data and solve complex urban issues by defining multiple parameters. His work was exhibited, titled “China in Flux: Mapping the Middle Zone” organized by USC American Academy. Additionally, To put his knowledge bank and design approach in practice, he joined SEEDS, a renowned organization in India, working in the field of Humanitarian response, equipping people affected by natural calamities with technology and know-how for a better future. It enabled  him to know how to rebuild communities through local methods and tools.He was fortunate to  be part of rebuilding programs, post floods in Uttarakhand by United way India, Assam and West Bengal bamboo shelter and school reconstruction program funded by Godrej India which paved the way for resilience in the local community. 

It is fascinating that thousands of years ago humans lived in caves and a simple blanket might have worked, but now a 10 ft x 10 ft room with a bed and side table is the minimal requirement to define to it as a bedroom. The way we communicate with people has changed. The way we trade has changed. Paper money is converting into digital money. This pattern will evolve because we are not running for a perfect community but rather future needs and evolution.

We are located in Chandra Bhawan, Nehru Place, Delhi. 

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