Some facts

Company         : Rritam design + AGX Architects
Designation     :Founder  
Contribution    : Design
Cost              : $20000
Project Status   : Completed
Project Year     : 2019
Client            : Ankur Agarwal
Location         : Gurugram, Haryana


Hexa playschool

The idea of the project is to communicate the values of a play school. The hexagon shape is used as it the strongest shape known. Furthermore, an additional division of hexagon gives us the liberty to play with the composition. So, the idea was to arrange jumbled and shapeless thoughts into organized order without losing its true colors. A 50mm x 50mm aluminum square hollow section is used as a supporting frame. Silver coated 4mm aluminum composite panels with 5mm toughened glass is cut into different rhombus shape and placed in a hexagonal grid. Along with, 14 gauge perforated ms sheet with zinc oxide coating is used to create 3d shape in elevation. 

Render White Panel.jpg