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Contribution            :Research
Project Year             : 2020

As the pandemic shook the world with COVID-19, the number of cases is rising. This epidemic overwhelmed hospital infrastructure around the world. The goal is the ability to respond faster and lower the risk of infection. But we might face a shortage of infrastructure throughout India and other parts of the world.  Hence, we need a solution infrastructural solution which is not only effective but can be manufactured and deployed as soon as possible and has the potential of scaling up. 

We are proposing a structure that can act as a Quarantine Hospital/ Testing Lab/ Shelter. The effectiveness of the design is at less cost, less skillset required, minimum site operations, easily available materials, efficient logistics and minimum installation time. 

A component system is developed to increase and decrease the size of the unit as per need. However, for the proposal, the size of the unit is 8m x 4m or 32 with height at 3.6 meter. It can be installed in 2 hours on-site.  Additionally, the cost of the shelter is $2000 to $2500 app. excluding the cost of furniture and solar.

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